Bexley price guide

The originality of Bexley:
offering a single price per product range and discounts from the second item purchased.

All one price...

All the Bexley products in any one range are sold at the same price. For example, all dress shoes cost the same, whether it’s a pair of Oxfords or a pair of boots. This also applies to casual shoes, shirts and trousers etc.

... discount when you buy 2 or more

If you buy more than one product in the same range, you automatically qualify for a discount on the total, which is applied at check-out. For example: two pairs of dress shoes, three shirts, two pairs of shoe trees, etc.

For example:
Batch price

Reduced prices for each product range

Dress shoes

Single price 159€
30€ off any 2nd pair of dress or casual shoes

Casual shoes

Single price 109€
30€ off any 2nd pair of dress or casual shoes

For men’s suits, with Bexley you can choose a jacket and trousers in different sizes, as each item is sold separately. When you choose a pair of suit pants and a matching waistcoat or jacket, a discount is triggered automatically. No need to worry about a promo code, as the offer will quite simply be applied at check-out, guaranteeing substantial savings to help you make an elegant appearance.

Discover our suits right away and get ready to shine without breaking the bank.

2 pieces suits

Single price 289€ 269€
Suit jacket 190€ 175€ | Suit trousers 99€ 94€

3 pieces suits

Single price 388€ 363€
Suit jacket 190€ 175€ | Suit waistcoat 99€ 94€| Suit trousers 99€ 94€

Suit jackets

Single price 190€
160€ any 2nd suit jacket

Suit waistcoat

Single price 99€
89€ any 2nd waistcoat

Suit trousers

Single price 99€
89€ any 2nd pair of trousers


Single price 64€
3 shirts 119€ | 5 shirts 159€

Polo shirts

Single price 49€
2 Polo shirts 79€ | 3 Polo shirts 99€


Single price 24€
19€ any 2nd t-shirts of your choice

Cotton & cashmere jumpers

Single price 59€
39€ any 2nd thin pullover

Knitted wool pullovers

Single price 79€
59€ any 2nd knitted wool pullovers


Single price 69€
49€ any 2nd trousers


Single price 59€
39€ any 2nd pair of shorts


Single price 59€
39€ any 2nd swimwear of your choice

Don’t forget, whenever you buy a leather, canvas or padded jacket, or a new coat or trench coat, the magic still applies. By buying two, you will automatically trigger a 20€ discount on your order, without having to bother with a promo code.

Whether you’re looking for a warm padded jacket for winter, the timeless elegance of a trench coat, or a daringly stylish leather jacket, now you can combine your favourites and make substantial savings.

Coats & trenchs


Single price 34€
19€ any 2nd belts


Single price 8€
4 pairs 25€ | 7 pairs 35€

Scarves & beanies

Single price 34€
19€ any 2nd scarf or beanie

Ties & bow ties

Single price 34€
19€ any 2nd tie or bow tie

Bexley’s durable, timeless shoes, clothes and accessories offer excellent value for money. All our products come with a discount if you buy more than one, so that you can create a wardrobe for every occasion, from highly formal to ultra casual.