Right from the outset of our product conception, we at Bexley work hard to bring to you a high quality product by only selecting high quality materials. We cater for therefore a wide range of products for you to choose from, richelieu or derby, drivers or boots, suede or leather shoes, English style shoes or rather Italian, a traditional well dressed style or more modern...

Also discover our range of men's casual shoes: Sneaker shoes , moccasins,boat shoes or drivers for a cool relaxed look.


Oxford shoes for men Bexley

Oxford (Richelieu) shoes

The Oxford shoes is a flat shoe with laces, made from one unique piece of leather. Its closed lacing gives it a rather elegant look. The ring holes, brogue shoes, designer toe caps personalize each richelieu shoe.

Derbies shoes for men Bexley

Derby shoes

The Derby is a lace-up shoe whose quarters are sown onto the vamp. This exceptional design gives you an easy fitting. This type of shoe is appropriate for people who have a sharper instep

Loafers shoes for men Bexley


The loafer (moccasin) is essential classic for the male wardrobe giving the wearer a casual chic style in any outfit. The traditional moccasin has no laces and it is comprised of, according to the pattern, a support system that completes the shoe.

Boots shoes for men Bexley


The boot is an ankle boot with laces, with loops or with a rubber strap, easily worn with an any outfit (that covers the upper half of the boot) or with jeans or chino trousers turned up for a more casual look.

Low boots for men Bexley


The low boot is a boot that reaches up below the ankle worn ideally with short trousers or turned up giving you a chic "dandy" look.

Driver shoes for men Bexley

Driver shoes

Recognizable immediately from its pebbled rubber sole, the Bexley driver shoe is an essential item in in our range of casual shoes. Known for its flexibility and agility, the driver shoe is a moccasin shoe widely known for its comfort and its lightness.


- Blake welt

The blake welt is a construction with a simple seam and a leather sole perfectly adapted to the requirement of elegant dress shoes: moccasins, loafers, buckles and richelieus shoes. It is a simple robust construction technique offering both flexibility and lightness.

- One-piece Moccasins

The One-piece Moccasin is a moccasin shoe whose design consists of one sole leather part which entirely wraps around the foot giving the wearer a maximum comfort. Here at Bexley, we use this assembling technique on all our moccasins drivers.

- Welded Construction

In this construction, the sole is glued to the upper part of shoe. It is an assembly perfectly adapted to our casual shoes and to our sneakers and we also use it for some dress models that have a light sole assembly.


- Aniline calf leather

We use exclusively French calves due to their exceptional quality. Aniline full grain leather naturally brings out a transparency and small variations of colours which really make it something special.

Aniline calf leather Bexley

- Suede Split

Suede Split is produced from the under layer of the hide (the skin is removed). It is extremely flexible, comfortable and leather care is very easy. To touch it is very soft, Suede matches together well with light and it is outstanding in the way it brings out certain colours. All Bexley Suede Split products are waterproofed to offer a greater resistance to rain.

Suede split Bexley

- Nubuck

Nubuck is a top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, producing a velvet-like surface. The nubuck leather with its fine grain is very resistant to wear and tear.

Nubuck Bexley

- Impregnated leather

Impregnated leather is thick, round, flexible and very comfortable. It adapts nicely to rainy weather - you will find it mainly at our rubber sole range.

Impregnated leather Bexley


The leather sole Bexley

The leather sole

It is possible to walk using a leather sole, a must for all enthusiasts who love the feeling that comes with leather, the sensation of touch it gives, the way it slips on the ground, its sound and its beauty. It is highly recommended to have a rubber protection fitted to improve the wear of your leather sole and also to improve adherence if worn when the weather is wet.

Rubber soles Bexley

Rubber soles

Whether they are notched or dressed, Bexley rubber soles are very rich in natural gum to make sure you have maximum degree comfort and a greater resistance in the long-term. These soles are perfect in rainy weather.


Shoe trees Bexley Shoe care products Bexley

In order to increase the longevity of your shoes, we advise you to have at least two pairs of shoes and to switch between them on a daily basis. Your shoes will certainly last much longer than if you bought two pairs separately. As soon as you take off your shoes (even for one night),make sure you fit them with soft non-varnished shoetrees.
If your shoes are dirty, clean them with a wet sponge and soap and then let them dry naturally.
Once your shoes are dry, apply wax abundantly on them with a penetrating cream. You can apply different shades of wax too which will cause your shoes to increase in transparency and depth of personality.
Apply and leave for a minimum of 48 hours and then remove the surplus wax. Polish your shoes each morning with a woollen polishing glove and your shoe will be stay immaculate for several days.
Suede splits can be cleaned with a little water and some soap. Other stains can be removed with a crepe brush.

Shoe care products Bexley


Soles :
We advise you to wear rubber soled shoes. New leather soles are extremely slipping in rainy conditions, it is better to wear them only in dry conditions. It is recommended to have a rubber protection fitted to improve adherence and keep your shoes longer.

The upper :
Choose a suede split or impregnated leather (water proofed) which resists rain. Please note that shoe upper made of Aniline calf leather is very fragile in the rain. Before going out in rainy conditions wax your shoes several times overs to naturally waterproof them. If this is not possible you can of course use in addition one of our waterproofing products.