For nearly 30 years, Bexley has been a shoemaking institution among men seeking luxury footwear at exceptional prices. Bexley also offers a range of shirts, pullovers, polo necks, belts and other accessories to a clientele consisting of men of refined taste and uncompromising attention to detail. The value for money that our products represent has won more than 800 000 clients to date.

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Our story

Eric BOTTON created the BEXLEY brand and concept in its entirety, without any industry knowledge or training, in LYON in 1985. He remains the president of the company to this day. In the years since then, Bexley has firmly established its name, approach and philosophy within the landscape of men’s ready to wear. The company now boasts 15 points of sale of its own in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Annecy, Aix-en-Provence, Nice & Brussels. Bexley products are also sold worldwide via the brand’s online shop, making it possibly France’s leading e-commerce site

Our Philosophy:

  • To guarantee our clients the best value for money 365 days a year.
  • To be wholly customer-centric
  • To espouse strong values and to behave accordingly as an organisation
  • To be 100% independent in order to remain true to our values

What Sets Us Apart

  • The best value for money on the market; our discounts on multiple-item purchases; our direct sales.
  • The fact that 100% of Bexley products are developed in-house in order to better respond to our clients’ needs and to ensure that our cost prices remain as low as possible

Our Products

Each Bexley product is a high quality item. If it isn't good quality, it's not one of ours.  
To ensure this remains the case, our team carefully seeks out premium constituent parts: aniline lambskin from the Annonay Tannery in France and the finest, most supple of calfskin from the Americas. We use only the best manufacturing processes, including Goodyear welted construction.
This uncompromising attention to detail and commitment to excellence extends to all of our other products: our shirts are cut from two-ply cloth; our polos are Oxford-knit; and all of our pullovers are made from pure Geelong lambswool

Our Team

The Bexley concept would be nothing without its hands-on, dynamic and loyal team. Our personnel are united by their robust product sense and by the shared values and principles that set Bexley apart from the competition.

Bexley in Numbers

  • Annual turnover of €35M - 100 working partnerships.
  • 250,000 pairs of shoes and close to 200,000 shirts sold each year.
  • more than 800 000 clients.