Naturel wooden form - 100% red cedar


39€ 2 pairs of shoe trees
69€ 4 pairs of shoe trees

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Shoe trees are a must if you want your shoes to keep their shape as time goes by. A quality shoe stretcher must be made of natural solid softwood and is never coated with varnish or lacquer. Whenever you are not wearing your shoes, even overnight, protect them with shoe trees. They will help them to keep their shape and absorb moisture.

Bexley's shoe tree is specially designed to offer even more. Its forepart is hinged to keep the flanks from caving in and it is connected to the back by springs to keep you shoes permanently stretched. The high, wide knob at the back is easy to grasp. Each is carved from Red Cedar from USA, a wood known for its great qualities and properties: it is soft and absorbent, it protects from moth, it has a delicate amber colour and an extremely pleasant aroma.

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