Are you getting married, a best man to the wedding, or a guest? Our Bexley men's suits will elegantly enhance your look with either a slim-fit or comfort-fit cut. These suits are easy to wear and can be used for other occasions, whether you're the groom or a witness. Regardless of the wedding theme or weather, there's something for everyone: two-piece suits, three-piece suits, linen suits, and casual-chic outfits for your wedding summer. You're sure to find something you love in our selection.

3 piece wedding suits

Three-piece suits are an excellent option for weddings. They offer a way to feel elegant and well-dressed without overdoing it. It's possible to match a three-piece suit with various accessories such as a pocket square, bow tie, or tie in the wedding theme colors. The jacket can be worn over any formal shirt, providing more flexibility in terms of style.

At Bexley, we offer the Lazare suit, available in several colors. This slim-fit suit is made of 100% virgin wool and is both classic and elegant, making it perfect for your wedding or any special occasion. Make sure the colors of the jacket and trousers match to achieve a harmonious and consistent look! Deal with a pair of dress shoes, and you'll be the most elegant on your big day.

Classic and timeless wedding suits

Our classic and timeless suits express our quality craftsmanship and expertise in their design, created with high-quality materials such as pure virgin wool and sophisticated finishes. Our jacket and trousers combinations offer various wedding attire options. Details are the finishing touch to any outfit, so you can easily pair them with a classic white shirt or another plain dress shirt and use our accessories, such as a waistcoat, solid or patterned silk tie, bow tie, belt, or silk pocket square!

Linen wedding suits

If you absolutely want to wear a suit this summer without being suffocated by the heat, the linen suit is the perfect compromise. Linen suits are perfect for summer weddings and ceremonies because they offer excellent breathability and timeless style. Linen is a relaxed and comfortable material, so don't be afraid to play with more casual pieces for a more casual style. For example, a linen suit with driver loafers or white sneakers can be perfect for a more casual wedding.

Don't hesitate to mix and match textures. Linen can be paired with other lightweight materials such as cotton for a summery appearance. For example, a white cotton shirt with a desert linen suit will be perfect for a wedding or formal occasion. However, the linen suit remains versatile. It's entirely possible to switch from a casual look to a more formal one. Finally, caring for this material isn't difficult either: it can be hand-washed or machine-washed for quick and efficient cleaning!

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Dress shoes

Dress shoes

1 pair 109€
30€ off any 2nd pair of dress or casual shoes
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Formal shirts

64€ from 27€ one shirt
Suits for men


269€ Separable suit
190€ Blazer - 99€ Trousers
Ties, bow ties & pocket squares


Ties, bow ties & pocket squares 34€
19€ Any 2nd accessory
Men's leather belts


34€ 1 belt
Any 2nd belt 19€