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We created l'Eau de Parfum Bexley as signature of Bexley maculinity. This fragrance 100% Made in Bexley is the result of a fructful collaboration with a talented parisian « nose » and the legendary perfume maker from Grasse. We have selected the best french savoir-faire to developp and manufacture l'Eau de Parfum Bexley - 100% Made in France. Two fragrances are available.

L'Eau de Parfum Bexley Silver: The freshness and musky scents of top notes (kumquat, lemon, pomelos and angelica) is followed with a floral and woody note (jasmin-rose, lavender, ceddar wood, and balsam fir) to evolve on a woddy and musky base note (sandal wood, vetiver roots, tree mosses and white musc).
L'Eau de Parfum Bexley Gold: The freshness and aromatic scents of top notes (lemon, bergamot, mugwort and thyme) is followed with a gourmet and woody note (ceddar wood,leather, balsam fir and caramel) to evolve on a woddy and amber base note (patchouli, vetiver roots, sandal wood, amber).

The Eau de Parfum Bexley comply with IFRA codes (International Fragrance Association) and was evaluated through the cosmetic security process as requested by the regulation.

Available in 100ml spray glass bottle - Filmed box.

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