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Sale: Pullovers, polos

Pullovers cotton / cashmere Sale 49€ 39€  
Good Deal 1 for 49€ - the 2nd for 39€ - the 3d for 29€ (39€ for each additional item)

Woolen pullovers Good Deal  69€ 59€ - The 2nd for 49€ (54€ for each additonal item)  

Polos Sale 39€ 19€
Good Deal 1 for 39€ -  3 polos 79€ 59€ (19,66€ for each additional item)

We at Bexley also offer a wide range of pullovers, sports shirts and tee-shirts for men. This range comes in 100% woollen cashmere cotton with round collars, V or zip collars and with or without an elbow patch. A large range of 100 % cotton Tee-shirts and polo shirts are also available found in stylish classic or pallet colours. For a soft, stylish or comfort look -  there is something for everybody!

Men's Thin Pullovers: Sale

1 pull from 49€ 39€
Pull homme coton cachemire Vadim Bexley
BlackIndigo blue melangePrussian Blue
49€ Sale 39€
Men's pullovers 100% thin lambswool Elouan Bexley
Light Taupe MelangeFire orangeChocolate Melange
49€ Sale 39€
Pull homme coton cachemire Vadim Bexley
Black GreyGrey MelangeLight Taupe MelangeFire orangeChocolate MelangeNavyBlue MelangeRaspberry
Any 2nd thin pullover 39€
Good Deal The 3rd one for 29€
Pullovers & Polos - homme – Vladimir - Bexley
Any 2nd thin pullover 39€
Good Deal The 3rd one for 29€

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