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Size guide for Bexley's men's shirts

In order to determine your Bexley shirt size, please follow these instructions:

- Measure around your neck about a finger's width below your Adam's apple.
- Add 1.5 cm to the resulting measurement.

For example: If your neck measures 39.5cm, you will need to add 1.5cm to arrive at your shirt size of 41.

If you would like additional details regarding other shirt measurements, please refer to the size charts below.

1 Our shirts

  Bexley slim fit men's shirt
Slim fit
Bexley comfort fit men's shirt
Comfort fit

Slim fit

Our slim fit shirt is lightly tapered with two darts at the back. It has been carefully proportioned for a perfect, elegant fit that retains the wearer's freedom of movement. Ideal with a suit or a pair of jeans.

Comfort fit

Our comfort fit is a straight-cut shirt that has been carefully proportioned to privilege your ease of movement and wellbeing. You will note in particular the length and width of the sleeves, that are roomier than average while remaining fitted. Ideal for more casual wear.

Shirt size Equivalent size for pullovers / polos
37-38 S
39-40 M
41-42 L
43-44 XL
45-46-47 XXL

2 Our collars

Men's shirts with button down collar

Men's shirts with straight collar

Men's shirts with spread collar

Collar height: 4.7 cm
Tab height: 3.4 cm
Length of the tips: 7 cm
Collar with button-down tips


Button-down collars
Bexley men's shirts

Collar height: 4.5 cm
Tab height: 3.5 cm
Length of the tips: 7.3 cm
Integrated collar stiffeners


Straight collars
Bexley men's shirts

Collar height: 4.4 cm
Tab height: 3.6 cm
Length of the tips: 8.4 cm
Integrated collar stiffeners


Spread collars
Bexley men's shirts


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