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Bexley trousers and suit blazers are fitted without being too tight. The fit is perfect for a modern style and tailored look.


size lazare blazer for man

size aristide blazer for man

size leopold blazer for man

Blazer Lazare - Adjusted

Blazer Aristide - Comfort

Blazer Leopold - Adjusted

If you would like to compare your blazer size with your shirt size, please refer to the size charts below:

Blazers size Equivalent size for adjusted fit shirts
46 37
48 38
50 39
52 40
54 41
56 42
58 43-44


size lazare trousers suit

size aristide trouser suit

Pair of trouser Lazare - Adjusted

Pair of trouser Aristide - Comfort

In order to determine your Bexley jacket size, please refer to the size charts below. Usually, to choose your trousers size, we apply a drop 8 based on the selected jacket size.

Please note: Bexley trousers are with unstitched leg opening, so that you can perfectly customize the lenght and do your own turn-up or hem. When adjusting the lenght, make sure the leg breaks once on the shoes.

French trousers size US trousers size
38 29-30
40 31-32
42 32-33
44 34-35
46 35-36
48 37-38
50 38-39

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