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In order to take best care of your leather or suede shoes, we at Bexley provide a wide range of shoe care products and accessories. A range of red cedar shoe trees, waxes and leather creams, horsehair shoe brushes, shoe-horns, polishing gloves, laces and inner soles are available.

Red cedar shoe trees 1 pair for 29€ - 2 for 39€ - 4 for 69€ (17,25€ for each additional item)
Waxes and leather creams, brushes and laces 1 item for 5€ - 3 for 10€ (3.33€ for each additional item)
Shoe-horns, polishing gloves, inner soles 1 item for 10€ - any 2nd items for 15€ (7.50€ for each additional item)

Shoe care Products

: 1 item 5€ - 3 items for 10€ (3,33€ for each additional item)
Rénovateur chaussures velours Bexley
Black SuedeHavana SuedeColorless SuedeNavy Suede
1 shoecare accessory 5€
3 shoecare accessories of your choice 10€

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