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Fashion Accessories for Men

Cheche Style Scarves 1 for 29€ - any 2nd scarf for 19€ (24€ for each additional item)
Automatic watches 1 watch for 149€ - any 2nd watch for 89€ (119€ for each additional item)
Perfume 39€ - any 2nd perfume for 29€ (34€ for each additional item)

Discover our wide range of Bexley fashion accessories for men: Cheche Style Scarves available in wool, wool and silk or a mix of both wool and cashmere - automatic watches available with either leather or metal straps - silk lined leather gloves and also a perfum. A smart style keeping you up-to-date with the latest fashion!

Thin scarves in linen, smart look Bexley
Taupe with white and blue patternAnchors pattern with grey blue backgroundBlue and white with marine borderGrey blue with green patternIndigo blue and redBlue white patternYellow and dark brown borderRed and blue patternNavy and white pattern
1 scarf 29€
The 2nd scarf of your choice 19€

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