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Sale: Dress shoes

Sale 139€ 99€

Any 2nd pair from our range for 114€
Any 2nd pair from casual shoes for 74€

Good deals 139€ 129€

Any 2nd pair from our range for 99€
Any 2nd pair from casual shoes for 59€


Discover our wide range of men's dress shoes: Bexley offers a wide range of products for you to choose from - oxford
or derby, loafers or boots, suede or leather shoes, English style shoes or Italian. The items are designed to give you
either a traditional well-dressed look or a more modern style.

Men's Dress Shoes – Boots : Sale 1 pair from 139€ 99€
Men's low boot shoes Warwick Gomme Bexley
Ocean Blue Suede
139€ Good Deal 129€
Any 2nd pair of dress shoes 99€

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