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Sale: Fashion Accessories for Men

Wool and silk thin scarves 39€ 29€ - Any 2nd one for 19€ (24€ for each additional item)
Ties 29€ - Any 2nd one for 19€ - Good Deals Any 3rd one for 19€ (22,33€ for each additional item)
Briefcases 159€ 139€
Leather gloves 49€ 39€ - Any 2nd pair for 29€ (34€ for each additional item)
Wallets 69€ 49€
Automatic watches 139��� 99€
Fragrance 39€ 29€

Discover our wide range of Bexley fashion accessories for men: Cheche Style Scarfs available in wool, wool and silk or a mix of both wool and cashmere - automatic watches available with either leather or metal straps - silk lined leather gloves, eau de parfum and also a lovely range of umbrellas. A smart style keeping you up-to-date with the latest fashion!

Umbrellas - Automatic Open: Sale

10€ - 3 of your choice 20€ - 4 for 25€
Parapluie homme poignée crochet Bexley
3 umbrellas of your choice 20€
Good Deal 4 umbrellas 25€

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