Bexley : affordable quality men's shoes

Since its creation in 1985, the Bexley brand has designed shoes luxury, quality men's shoes which combine quality and affordable pricing. Bexley favors the best leathers, the highest quality traditional manufacturing processes and works only with the best artisans.

Dress shoes and casual shoes

The Bexley men's shoe collection offers a style for every occasion : elegant dress shoes, business shoes, and more casual shoes for weekend wear... oxfords, derbies, boaters, loafers , ankle boots, trainers... browse the collection!

Quality men's shirts

Since 2008, Bexley has designed a line of men's clothing. The Bexley brand now offers men's shirts, pullovers and sweaters, and polo shirts that meet the same high standards as Bexley shoes: quality, price and image. And just like the Bexley shoes, for the purchase of two or more shirts, there are the price discounts are effective with the third shirt.

Men's dress shoes

1 pair 139€ - Any 2° pair for 89€

Summer collection

1 chino 59€ - Any 2° one for 39€

Chaussures homme Boots Clyde Bexley

Men's Dress shoes

1 pair 139€ - Any 2° pair for 89€

Mocassins drivers

1 pair 79€ - Any 2° pair for 59€

Bexley: shoes, shirts, pullovers, polos and accessories for men. Check out all our products

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